Ingredient Swaps for Holiday Recipes

The holiday season is fully upon us and that means you have likely already attended a few parties, eaten a couple gingerbread cookies, and have been busy in the kitchen! Hosting a dinner or even preparing a potluck dish can be stressful having to accommodate every guest’s preferences and dietary restrictions.

What Does A Dietitian Eat In A Day?

I often get asked by clients and friends what I eat in a day. The truth is, I eat differently almost every day. I definitely have my go-to meals and snacks, but what I eat depends on what groceries I have at home, how busy my schedule is, if I'm working out, what I'm craving, the weather, and many other factors.

Tis the Season To Limit Coffee Shop Holiday Drinks

Ah, the magical time of the year where coffee shops switch out their boring cups for red ones, create a winter wonderland atmosphere, and convince us to spend $6 on a holiday drink. While a Peppermint Mocha or Eggnog Latte may be exactly what you crave during those cold December days to lift your holiday spirits, they can pack in a ton of extra empty calories, fat and sugar.